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    PRAYAS is not just an effort but an effort with a mission. It holds a mission to have equity and inclusion in Competition where all specially-abled children or youth could harness their potential and excel in their favourite events. Our Federation has started this initiative to boost the morale of every differently-abled person with sportsman spirit. We would endeavour to provide opportunities to these children in various fields as per their special and unique talent so that they could feel connected with the mainstream. Prayas, our federation is inching towards this goal and wants to involve each para-athlete and specially-abled person to be part of the federation in a more congenial way. We all are uniquely talented and have a desire to make a name and be remembered. We all dream and want our dreams to get fulfilled. Dreams are unbiased so is Prayas India. Prayas charity foundation's main aim is to promote the talent of unrecognised and differently-abled children. It is easier for a normal person without any disability and gender-biased to get through the competitions without any challenge. Keeping with its mission and goals, Prayas India is going to provide a competitive platform to the transgender community to harness their latent potential. It is just an endeavour to bring forward human talent irrespective of gender. *Acceptance and empathy* are our core values to incorporate children with all sorts of special needs Goals of our Federation: 👉To equip special needs people through capacity building in self-help and empowerment skills. 👉To empower special needs people through vocational skills for self-sustenance and income generation. 👉To provide early intervention therapies for special needs children. 👉To build tolerance, understanding, and support of special needs people. 👉To provide counselling and guidance to special needs children, their parents, families, and the community. 👉To promote home and community-based therapy and rehabilitation interventions. 👉To provide suitable education services for children with disabilities like sign language. 👉To provide daycare and nursery services to children for integration of special needs children. 👉To promote recreation, games, and sports for therapeutic and rehabilitative procedures. 👉 To provide information to the community to enhance the understanding of disability to reduce stigma and rejection of Special Children and Special People: ‘Equipped Special Needs People For Full Community Integration’. 👉 *We do Customised Care* Our knowledgeable staff meets each child on their level and provides them with individualized lessons and customized care to help them succeed.

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